Level 2 Baptiste Power Vinyasa

This class is taught by:

Tina Templeman

Tina Templeman has been a serious student of yoga since 1999 when a severe injury brought her to the brink of back surgery. Since yoga was such a large part of her back rehabilitiation, in 2007 she made the decision to become a yoga instructor herself. Early on in her yogic journey she has trained in the 5 Tibetan Rites and deep meditations of OSHO’s Dynamic & Kundalini meditations. But is was the love and joy of self-discovery within the strength, flow and philosophy of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga that made her decision to become 200 hour RYT Certified Baptiste Yoga instructor having completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 Baron Baptiste’s Teacher Trainings. Tina has also trained with Yoga Master Teachers Ana Forrest and has completed 2 modules of Shiva Rea’s teacher trainings. By using creative sequencing as well as the spiritual focus that Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga offers, Tina’s technique challenges the yoga practitioner to stretch both mentally and physically, on and off the mat.

Tina is licensed massage therapist and has her own massage practice. She brings massage related muscle awareness to her yoga classes and consciousness of body movement to empower students to be successful at any level. This expertise coupled with 20 years of ballet, dance and an extensive background in fitness and personal training make Tina's classes challenging, fun, and energetic for every level of student.

Michele Hausman

Michele first discovered Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga when she ordered a video on line many years ago. Practicing in her basement until the video broke, she returned to the gym. When a friend recommended that she try Shakti Vinyasa Yoga in Ballard she stepped into this studio and this practice and never looked back.Michele has completed several training programs, including Level 1 with Baron Baptiste, Shakti Vinyasa’s Teacher Assisting Program(TAP) and Advanced TAP with Lisa Black and Peter Avolio, and the Yoga Works 200 hour Teacher Certification with Jeanne Heileman. Additionally, she continues to work and study closely with Lisa Black assisting her in the intro series.Teaching yoga is a way for Michele to “pay it forward” to keep passing along the gift she has received from her teachers. Michele truly believes in the ability of yoga to build a bridge to the wisdom of our bodies and hearts, and encourages her students to find the stillness within the flow.

Ravi Raman

Ravi's teaching comes from a belief that yoga is a powerful vehical to bring about transformation and positive change in not only our own lives, but also the lives of those we care about. He is honored to be able to share the gift of yoga with others. Ravi discovered his yoga asana practice in the year 2001, as a way to recover from a running injury. With continued practice, he was able to heal his injury and bring balance back to his body after years of abuse as a distance runner, cyclist and Ironman triathlete. The profound impact that yoga had on his mind and body was undeniable, and his practice has continued to grow and evolve to this day.Ravi's path to teaching began at Shakti Vinyasa in 2008, where he has been a student for many years. He has completed extensive training with Baron Baptiste (Level 1 and 2 Teacher Trainings), as well as Assistant Training with the Baptiste Power Yoga Institue in Boston and with Shakti Vinyasa directors Lisa Black and Peter Avolio. His yoga practice and teaching has been further influenced through intensive self-study, practice and workshops with Master Teachers including: John Friend, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Sharon Ganon, Bryan Kest and Ana Forest among others.In addition, Ravi is a long-time student of Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati a distinguished teacher of Vedanta (an Indian spiritual tradition) and Sanskrit, and spends his days practicing yoga "off the mat" as a Product Planning Manager at Microsoft. www.sethigherstandards.com

Michel Spruance

Michel happened upon Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga three years ago. New to yoga, she did not have a name for the style of yoga she was falling in love with, but she knew it unlocked her body and left her mentally refreshed in a way nothing else had. Within a year, Michel attended all of the workshops on vinyasa yoga she could, and traveled to Mexico for Level I teacher training with Baron Baptiste. She completed her Level II training with Baron in May of 2005.

Today, Michel teaches Baptiste Power Vinyasa because she truly believes in the power of this practice to transform people’s lives. She feels that we often come to yoga in the west to heal our bodies, but we return because we find we are healing our lives through the discipline we build, and the self-discoveries we make while on our mats. Coming from this foundation, Michel brings joy, passion, and honesty to her teaching. Her goal is to provide a safe place for her students to awaken their own teachers, learn to listen, and transform their lives.

Dora Gyarmati

Dora was always very active. So much so, that at age 3 her Mom placed her in the Hungarian gymnastic team hoping to have a calmer child. That calmer person did not arrive till she found yoga 24 years later. Although gymnastics, and later Track and Field achieved a physical fatigue, it also created more pressure with competitions. But five years ago when she stepped into her fist Vinyasa class, she found mindfulness, and equanimity. The physical nature of vinyasa gave her the athletic movement that she always craved, but it also gave her the vocabulary to lead a more happy balanced life. Dora completed Level I teacher training with Baron Baptiste in February of 2008, and she is headed to Level II teacher training in September of 2008. She has also been mentoring with Lisa Black, and Peter Avolio for the past 8 months.

Kristy Summers

Kristy discovered her love of teaching while coaching young gymnasts as a teenager. Later, facing extreme stress at work and at the urging of a friend, she tried a Bikram Yoga class and was immediately hooked, practicing 6-7 times a week and then competing in several Bikram Yoga Championships on the state and national levels. After meeting Baron Baptiste in 2004, Kristy knew what she wanted to do when she grew up. Kristy has completed all of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa teacher trainings; has trained under many Baptiste master teachers including Gregor Singleton, Coeli Marsh, Claire Este-McDonald and Lisa Black; has assisted Baron at events and teacher trainings; and is currently pursuing Baptiste Teacher Certification. She started teaching at Shakti East just a few days after relocating from Boulder, Colorado to Bellevue in 2008. And, as a Baptiste-trained teacher, teaching at a Baptiste Affiliate Studio was her first choice. "I love the simplicity of Baron's series and how it is appropriate for any level student," Kristy says. "His flow and teaching philosophy allows students to get fully into their bodies, and out of their heads...and when that happens, their hearts naturally begin to open up as they drop anything that is not serving them or others. Through this yoga and Baron's inspiration, I have learned that ANYTHING is possible, to believe in myself, and to come into my power - and then, I can use that power to serve others." In addition to teaching yoga, Kristy currently spearheads worldwide sales training for an enterprise software company and is the co-author of "The Fruit Feast" - a book that guides readers through a 3-day fruit-only cleanse. Find out more at www.fruitfeast.com

Peter Avolio

Peter first came to yoga in order to gain strength, flexibility, and to heal chronic lower back pain. After years of running, skiing, and just playing hard, he began to feel the effects in his body. After practicing Hatha yoga for a few years, Peter discovered Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga at SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga in Ballard in 2003. There, he became an avid practitioner and fell in love with his re-energized yoga practice.In 2003, Peter completed an in-depth Teaching Assisting Program at SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga where and became proficient in the art of adjusting Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga flow classes. Peter's skills deepened from months of experience adjusting students in INTRO classes there where he continued to receive on-going training with Lisa Black. In 2004, Peter successfully completed both Level 1 & 2 Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings with Baron Baptiste and a weekend intensive SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Lisa Black. After four years of assisting and mentoring with Lisa Black, Peter became Co-Owner/Director of SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga East where he currently teaches daily classes and workshops.Peter has always been passionate about practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga because is challenging and accessible to everyone. This style is grounding for him and has brought many positive life-changes. Peter brings an enthusiasm for yoga and life to his teaching. Students are well cared for in his classes through his careful attention to safe alignment, compassionate encouragement, and effective hands-on adjustments. Most of all, Peter seeks to share the gift that he was given-the ability to discover one's true self through the practice of yoga.

Jessica Willis

Jessica doesn't remember what took her to Shakti specifically, except that she recently discovered yoga in 2007 and was looking for a home studio. Inevitably, the power, consistency, inspiration of the teachers, and beauty of the Baptiste flow that made Shakti home. She received her 200-Hour training in 2008 in Costa Rica studying power vinyasa yoga. So new to her own practice, she decided to dive into her practice before starting to teach. In 2009-10 she began her Shakti journey taking TAP, the Teacher Training, and participating in the Teacher Mentorship Program with Lisa and Peter. In the same year she attended Level 1 Baptiste Training and has since completed Baptiste Level 2 training. She has been influenced by powerful and dynamic teachers like Lisa Black, Sara-Tompson Beyer, Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste and many other local teachers. Jessica loves the strength, simplicity, beauty, and room for self expression in Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga. Baptiste yoga is integral to transformation in her own journey and she is committed to sharing that possibility with her students. In her classes you can expect to experience a mindful, energetic, thoughtful flow, encouraging a practice where you stay light and focused while tapping into your wellspring of joy and vitality.

Bill Miller

Bill has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Old injuries, years of running (from what?) and hunching over a computer keyboard had brought Bill’s body to a point where friends suggested yoga as a way to combat aging and gravity. Bill fell in love with the heat and the simplicity of Bikram Hot Yoga and over time discovered other styles. After a couple of years practicing Anusara Yoga Bill was introduced to Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga at Shakti and found a pathway to his own peace and happiness. Baron’s approach provided Bill with a challenging practice and a blueprint for living without any mumbo jumbo, secret handshakes or koolaide. Bill’s teaching style is up tempo and his goal is to make each class an energetic moving meditation with a focus on breath, no expectations or judgments, and listening to your own body to find your edge. Bill has completed Level 1 teacher training with Baron Baptiste and will be attending Level 2 in May. Over the past two years he has completed Shakti teacher training programs with Lisa Black and Peter Avolio including TAP (teaching assist program) and advanced TAP, teacher training workshop, and the Teacher Mentorship Program. Bill has participated in workshops with Shiva Rhea, Doug Keller, Bikram Choudhury, and Gregor Singleton

Zak Endicott

Zak is a dynamic, motivating human being who stands for freedom, and unconditional love. He was born to spread light and to help others turn on their own inner light. Discovering the yoga path has opened his mind and heart up to growth, healing and transformation, and his life has become an exciting and fulfilling adventure ever since. He believes that the modern day yoga movement is in truth a peace movement and it is the call of the people saying that we want to live, love and believe freely and in honesty, while taking care of each other and the planet we live in. Together we make a difference. Every yoga class you attend is an affirmation that the world is a better place.

Zak completed level 1 and level 2 trainings with Baron Baptiste, has studied hands on assisting extensively, and is in ongoing mentorship with Senior Baptiste Yoga Instructor Lisa Black. He is currently studying ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Troy Lucero and is also studying Forrest yoga and is enrolled for Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in September of 2014. Other master teachers he is studying with this year include: Edward Clark, Jason Crandell, Kathryn Budig, Kino MacGregor. Zak is E-RYT 200 hours with yoga alliance and soon to be Baptiste Certified.

Zak currently leads Shakti’s Introductory Series, and Teacher Mentorship Program on Tuesdays 7:15 PM at Shakti Bellevue, and on Thursdays at 7:15 PM at Shakti Seattle. Leading beginners to discover this practice while helping new teachers discover their voice and uncover their power is a passion for him. Intro series is his favorite way to bring yoga to the people.

“Truth and love can and will set you free if you just ask. Come check it out, we’re having fun!”

Blog, and other info at http://www.yogawithzak.com

Carley Ewert

Ten years ago Carley discovered the world of yoga and fell instantly in love with the practice. At 18 years old and in search of discovering balance and purpose within her life she began to unroll her mat each and every day to study the simplistic beauty of being in the present. A few years later as a dedicated practitioner she was asked to teach and given the opportunity to train with CorePower in exchange for offering postural assistance during their peak time classes. She quickly became known as "The Adjustor" within Corepower's San Diego studios whereby she utilized her skills as a massage therapist to deepen the practices of those she touched. Shortly thereafter Carley became a full time teacher and continues to share the gift of yoga to numerous groups of practitioners. Providing her services in several different environments ranging from yoga studios, corporate offices, and clinical settings Carley believes that yoga is accessible to everyone and that each individual has the ability to tap into their own inner teacher at any time. Carley guides her students to listen to the deeper more subtle cues of their bodies to overcome whatever curve balls life may throw them and adds laughter, compassion, and strength to her classes in the hope to inspire individuals to reach their greatest potential both on and off the mat. Carley has completed CorePower's 200 hour Teacher Training, Level 1 and 2 with Baron Baptiste, Shakti's Teacher Assisting Program (TAP), advanced trainings with Shiva Rea, and numerous workshops with visiting master teachers. She continues to be inspired by her Ashtanga teacher Troy Lucero, Master Baptiste Teacher Lisa Black, and her first teacher Elka Haeckel Hauck. When she's not in the studio or at a dog park with her lovely sidekick Ayla you can find Carley climbing a mountain via foot, bike, or skis, and dancing at a local show. She's a music enthusiast and an avid adventurer that loves to play both within and outside of class.

Eva Lasprogata

Eva began her yoga practice in 2005 after many years of dance training, weight lifting and gym group exercise. She has been a professor of law, human rights and corporate citizenship for over a decade at Seattle University where she is tenured in the business school. For Eva, her left brain stress from business legal analysis, teaching and writing never found complete release at the gym. Yoga, however, was like magic, offering Eva a form of right brain bliss and inspired creativity. The practice of asana and meditation quickly became a part of her spiritual growth which draws further insight from Don Miguel Ruiz, John O’Donohue and First Nations’ traditions and worldview. Wanting to share her passion for yoga, Eva entered yoga teacher training in 2008 and is today an Associate Baptiste Instructor. She continues to study and learn from the many gifted teachers in the Seattle area, and enjoys taking classes and workshops from Lisa Black, Michel Spruance, Liz Doyle and Troy Lucero, to name a few. Teaching for Eva is pure joy! Her classes integrate the physical challenge of the Baptiste power vinyasa flow with her shared life experience, humor and compassion to inspire her students to be their most empowered selves both on and off the mat. One of Eva’s spiritual teachers, Angaangaq of Greenland, says that "the greatest distance in all of humanity is the distance between man’s mind and his heart. It is only when we bridge that distance that we can soar like the eagle." Eva believes yoga is that bridge, creating union between the heart and the mind so that we can come into our own power and live authentically with meaning and purpose, connected to both our humanity and our divinity, and most importantly to each other.

Deb Nielsen

RYT 200


Deb discovered yoga over ten years ago when she and her best friend stumbled into a Bikram hot yoga studio. While spending the majority of her first class lying in savasana, unable to handle the heat and vowing never to return, she decided to give it a second try a few days later. The experience changed her forever. She discovered the detoxifying effects of the heat and how the yoga worked her body from the inside out. After practicing Bikram for several years, she discovered power Vinyasa yoga by accident when an instructor taught an impromptu Vinyasa class. Captivated by the uniqueness of the flow and the music playing in the background, she immediately fell in love. The power Vinyasa flow continued to speak to her while being pregnant with her first daughter. She found that her practice was not inhibited by her pregnancy; rather her yoga practice was exactly what she needed to support her body (and mind) throughout her evolution into motherhood. Deb was first introduced to Shakti and the Baptiste flow from a recommendation by a friend. Deb was immediately drawn to both the knowledge and passion of the Shakti instructors and their warm and inviting community.


The Baptiste Power Vinyasa sequence continues to speak to Deb’s passion for yoga and not only helped her find her voice, but taught her not be afraid to shine. Deb continued to practice and mentor with Lisa Black and soon found a home within Shakti. Deb has attended Baron Baptiste Teacher Training Level 1 and Level 2, has completed Shakti TAP and Advanced Tap, trained with Shiva Rae and is inspired by Jason Crandall, Sarah Tompson-Beyers and other fellow yogis who teach from a place of passion and love for yoga.


In Deb’s yoga classes, you will experience a teacher who loves bringing yoga to everybody and strives to have fun while doing it. Deb not only teaches, but lives her life, under the motto: “If you can’t laugh and have fun with yourself, who can you laugh and have fun with?” Deb weaves strength, compassion, community, spirit and fun into each class she teaches and encourages every student, no matter what experience level, to share her love of the journey that is yoga.

Angie Ma

Angie first arrived at Shakti in 2009 at the urging of her good friend and teacher Nicole Tsong; her previous teacher was no longer teaching and she needed to find something closer to home. After taking the Intro Series, Angie knew she found her new favorite studio because each class was exciting and challenging. Over time, she began to notice how everything she learned on the mat started to guide her through life off the mat. Stress and worry over everyday life used to leave her tense and anxious, but she soon realized how simple it could be to let go of things that were out of her control.

Angie completed Shakti's Teacher Assisting Program in 2010 and continued her training at Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Level 1 in 2011. She also trained closely with Lisa Black through the Teacher Mentorship Program.

In each of Angie’s classes, she hopes to bring her sense of humor and inspire students to be happy with where they in-the-moment, knowing that every day is different. Her goal is to have students leave class feeling renewed and confident.

Mary Frances Cline

RYT 200
For Mary, discovering yoga felt like she had found the perfect pair of jeans that fit just right. Mary began practicing yoga in 2001, but really got serious and made yoga part of her everyday life after the birth of her 3rd child in 2006.
In 2008, Mary completed the YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training. With this training she has gained appreciation of combining the flow of Ashtanga with the alignment precision offered with Iyengar.
Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is a fairly recent discovery for Mary, but she was immediately hooked on this dynamic, comprehensive, challenging, yet accessible style of yoga. Mary completed the SHAKTI Teacher Assisting Program in the fall of 2010 mentored  under Baptiste Master teacher, Lisa Black.
Mary’s primary teachers have been Gary Olson, Lisa Black, Troy Lucero, and Catherine Munro. To further her passion in always being a student first, she has completed training intensives with Richard Freeman, Gregor Singleton, Bryan Kest and Jason Crandell.
The practice of yoga has helped Mary transition through life's challenges with strength and introspection. Her classes are infused with energy, lightness and laughter, encouraging students to truly find their edge and grow, as well as finding a quiet place both on the mat and off. She is deeply grateful to her teachers for the passion and inspiration they instilled in her. Mary believes it is an honor to teach and spread the love of something so close to her heart

Valerie Kardonsky

Valerie had an epiphany about half way through Shakti Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in the summer of 2009. At last, she had found her calling! She shares her love of yoga on and off the mat -- finds joy in witnessing the transformation of each student’s practice as it manifests from trying hard to trying easy. Follow your breath, be true to your heart and the beauty of life unfolds. Valerie loves being part of the Shakti community. She’s been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and felt like she’d finally found her “yoga home” at Shakti nearly 7 years ago. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Dance. Valerie completed Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste and is currently pursuing her Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga certification. She’s also studied extensively with Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, David Swenson, Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Cyndi Lee. She continues to train with Lisa Black and recently finished the Shakti Teacher Mentorship Program.

Jess Jessum

Practicing Warrior 1 & 2 stances for over 35 years in traditional Japanese karate, Jess began to incorporate a formalized system of yoga to help with flexibility and to aid in the relief of lower back pain. After the first class, he knew he had found the perfect compliment. Always in pursuit of self-realization arts, Jess understood that Power Vinyasa Yoga offers everything one needs. Classes that work mind and body, a practice that incorporates balance, focus and strength, and an art with an open invitation to make it as spiritual as one wishes, all providing for the perfect ‘work-out.’ Having completed teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste and Jonathan Bowra, and an extensive hands-on assisting program with Lisa Black (TAP), Jess continues to train daily and absolutely loves the community Yoga provides. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to share his passion with others and provides classes that are challenging and fun!

Amy Van Hollebeke

Amy is committed to living a life of joy and teaching classes that connect people to their own joyful potential.
Amy took her first yoga class in 2000 and was so impressed with the teacher that she kept coming back, hoping to catch some of her good energy. Amy quickly realized that the benefit for her was more emotional than physical. Once Amy made the connection between her reaction and her enjoyment of a pose, she realized she could take that off the mat and into the rest of her life. Almost immediately, Amy experienced the gifts yoga can bring and decided someday she would share that with others as a teacher. When Shakti East opened, Amy found her home studio and has been practicing there ever since. She jumped fully into the Shakti community, participating in 40-days to Personal Revolution programs and other challenges, along with the Baptiste Foundations Weekend and TAP. Amy completed her 200-hour teacher training at Shakti in the winter of 2012 and entered the Teacher Mentorship Program, working with Zak Endicott, Nicole Tsong and Tina Templeman.

Amy’s classes are challenging, with a playful energy that ensures they are accessible to all practitioners. Her intention is to have each student leave class with a calm mind, an open heart and a joyful spirit.